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    Boada Kanguro

    Since 1964

    Born in Alicante, Spain, in 1964 by the company Fiel-Kanguro S.A., the KANGURO brand has always been related to high quality products, especially associated with extraordinary levels of resistance and durability. Initially focused on meeting the needs of the agricultural sector, the qualities of rubber were quickly applied to other products highly valued in the construction sector. Subsequently, the brand was also introduced in the sectors of urban equipment and special safety pavements. The exceptional quality of its products is the result of long experience and a deep specialization in the manufacture of rubber products.
    Nowadays, the combination of experience, tradition and innovation means that Kanguro and specifically the company Boada Kanguro, is the European company with the highest manufacturing capacity for rubber products. Its great dominance of a very particular production process and its high capacity productive make Boada Kanguro a benchmark in the sector and the KANGURO brand in a brand of remarkable notoriety highly appreciated by users in various sectors ...

  • The entire production process is carried out in its facilities
    ... The headquarters of Boada Kanguro, in which the offices, the production plant and the warehouses are centralized, is located in Alicante, Spain. In its facilities, the entire productive process is carried out, starting with the raw material and ending with the labeling and storage of the products, ready for shipment to any market. This integration allows Boada-Kanguro to control the entire production process ensuring that each The product left from its production plant meets the strict quality levels of the brand. It should be noted that the manufacture of KANGURO products is considered to be of low environmental impact, thanks to the use of recycled material and the easy recycling of products, when they reach the end of their useful life. As an integrated company in the Germans Boada group, Boada Kanguro continues the business brilliantly developed by Fiel-Kanguro for decades.

    • Agriculture and gardening
    • Horse riding and livestock farming
    • Urban furnishing
    • Special paving
    ... Its integration in the group has allowed to give a boost and a new approach to the business, applying its knowledge to the development of four product ranges of great future projection. As a result of its integration in the group, the brand becomes RUBI-KANGURO, joining forces with RUBI, an international brand of recognized prestige. At present, the objective of the RUBI-KANGURO brand is to apply the extraordinary benefits and advantages of rubber against other materials in its ranges designed to:
    1. Agriculture and gardening
    2. Horse riding and livestock farming
    3. Urban furnishing
    4. Special paving
  • ...The four ranges shown in this catalog respond to the needs of different sectors and concentrate the technical knowledge of the brand, applied to diverse utilities. In the four target sectors of RUBI-KANGURO intrinsic characteristics are highly appreciated of rubber as durability and resistance to inclement weather, but also, its high degree of safety, both for people and animals, as it is practically impossible to break a product and that this can damage or cut by accident.
    Our product ranges respond to the needs of the different sectors
    Part of the RUBI-KANGURO strategy is based on innovation and the development of new products, always based on the needs identified in the markets. For this reason, the product ranges are alive and are completed periodically with new products, defined and designed thanks to direct contact with users around the world. Along with its wide range of rubber products, RUBI KANGURO completes its offer with products made of high quality plastic.