Horse riding and Livestock farming

Horse lovers are always concerned with the well-being of their mounts, and RUBI-KANGURO offers them a range of highly durable and safe products.

Thanks to their rubber composition, the drinking troughs, feeders and buckets, among other products, are flexible, strong and practically unbreakable. This high strength of the products is especially valued by riders and grooms as it prevents any risk of accidental injury to the horse.

Even when trodden on or bitten, the RUBI-KANGURO feeders do not break and do not pose any risk to the animal.

RUBI-KANGURO products are also very suitable for heavy use in livestock farming. The various shapes and capacities of the products make them suitable for use both with large and small animals.

They are highly versatile products which are ideal for numerous tasks on farms and in stables, such as transport and storage of feed, water and other materials.