Agriculture and Gardening

RUBI-KANGURO has extensive experience in the agriculture and gardening sector. In this field, where professionals value the quality and durability of their products, rubber is, without doubt, the best material.

RUBI-KANGURO's buckets and tubs are flexible and resistant to extreme temperatures and are highly valued during the grape harvest and in the harvesting of numerous varieties.

The wide range of shapes and sizes ensures the best option for the task and type of fruit or vegetable.

Many generations of farmers have been using RUBI-KANGURO products for decades, thanks to their extreme durability and their optimal suitability to different agricultural tasks.

Furthermore, together with the wide range of rubber products, there is a selection of plastic tubs in several colours for numerous uses and applications.

RUBI-KANGURO's tubs come in different sizes and bright and stylish colours which can be used for agricultural and gardening tasks.